Oil Pulling with the Power of Coconut Oil!

Everything you need to know about Oil Pulling

Benefits of Oil Pulling

More Than Just a Healthier Smile and White Teeth. Oil Pulling has many Benefits. Everything you need to know about Oil Pulling is right here.


Oil pulling consists of putting a tablespoon of natural, 100%-organic coconut oil, or olive oil, into your mouth and swishing it around the oral cavity for as long as 20 minutes. While swishing the oil inside the mouth, pull it in between your teeth repeatedly throughout the oil pulling process. After performing the oil pulling technique, brush your teeth with tooth paste and wash your mouth out as you normally would when you brush your teeth. Oil Pulling offers way too many benefits to list in this section. In fact, there are enough benefits to oil pulling to fill the thousands of books that have been released on this fantastic home health remedy.


The system of oil pulling reduces the work load for your immune system, enabling it to prioritize fighting off illness and disease in other parts of your body. Oil pulling has also been shown to reduce stress and internal inflammation. Oil pulling is very good for your oral hygiene. It also whitens teeth. Not only does oil pulling help with dental health in your mouth, it also improves energy levels, regulates hormones, boosts your immunity, and helps improve your skin complexion.

There is really no need for chemical teeth whitening strips when oil pulling works just as well! The oil contains natural antibiotic and antiviral characteristics that lighten and clean teeth, keeping them whiter. Oil pulling is highly successful at minimizing teeth cavities and tooth decay. Typically it could take a few days or even weeks before you start to recognize real results. Benefits will vary depending on the individual, the current level of health, your age, everyday routine, what you ingest, and even more.


Although there are a number of other holistic plant oils you can use for oil pulling, Coconut Oil has the most validated, scientific evidence pertaining to oil pulling. Use natural, 100%-organic coconut oil. Coconut oil is also known for containing some natural antibiotic properties. Before choosing an oil for oil pulling, make sure you do not have any type of allergies or allergic reactions the oil. If you are allergic to coconut oil and were putting it in your mouth, it could be harmful to your health.